Bail system reform to increase community safety

The Hodgman Liberal Government is committed to making Tasmanians safer in their communities.

That is why we will overhaul the State’s bail system this year, to ensure community safety is a primary consideration when bail is considered and there is greater transparency in bail decisions.

The community and police are tired of hearing stories of offenders being granted bail only to reoffend, and it is clear there needs to be changes to the considerations that are taken into account when bail is granted.

The safety of the community should always be a primary consideration when a defendant is considered for bail, and the Government intends to provide a clear statutory basis to ensure this happens.

Other Australian jurisdictions have moved to provide clear statutory frameworks for what a court should consider when granting bail. The Government will move to do the same for Tasmanian courts, including the possibility of making the defendant justify why they should be granted bail for certain serious offences.

These reforms will ensure the bail system is in line with community expectations, and we intend to consult widely and seek the views of key community and legal stakeholders before changes are made.

The Government is committed to Building Tasmania’s Future and these reforms will allow greater community safety and increased confidence in our justice system.

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