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As a member of the Hodgman Liberal Government, I am committed to effecting positive changes to our state through legislative reform.

And as the Leader of the Government in the Legislative Council, I am continually working to progress the Hodgman Liberal Government’s Plan for Tasmania.

My portfolio responsibilities encompass many important and often difficult issues, but I am determined to continue to invest significant time and effort to achieve long term goals and reform in the Tasmanian justice system so that our legislative protections and sentencing practices reflect community expectations and provide a strong deterrent to criminal behaviour, delivering on the Government’s commitments to Tasmanians.

Some of the legislative changes I am currently progressing include:

• Establishing the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery as a Statutory Authority;

• Implementation of our policy to progressively phase out suspended sentences, starting with the most serious offences;

• Further strengthening the legislative frameworks to hold perpetrators of family violence to account and to improve the safety of victims of family violence.

• Introducing minimum mandatory sentences for serious child sexual offences;

• Establishing a Tasmanian Custodial Inspector;

• Ensuring that sex offenders in our prison participate in appropriate treatment programs; and

• Establishing a single administrative tribunal and appeals structure.

These measures add to the already long list of successful reform we have implemented since the Liberals came into Government in March 2014.

In the Legislative Council, I am also responsible for the passage of other Ministers’ legislation; this gives me the opportunity to fully appreciate the range of issues that impact on Tasmanians from across the state.

In my role as Leader, I aim to work constructively with my Parliamentary colleagues to achieve the best outcome for all Tasmanians.

Portfolio Responsibilities

Tasmanian Liberals

Minister for Justice
Minister for Corrections
Minister for the Arts
Leader of Government in the Legislative Council

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